What is WhatsApp Web?

Hello guys, WhatsApp web is for desktop users. The web version of WhatsApp messenger is called WhatsApp web.

You can easily send or receive messages, photos, and videos using web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox. You can use WhatsApp web in both windows and mac.

It acts similar to WhatsApp messenger. 

How to open WhatsApp web application on your desktop?

WhatsApp web and Whatsapp desktop are actually the same things you know. There is a dedicated application for WhatsApp web that you can download from any of your browsers installed on your PC. You just need to go to any browser and type ‘Whatsapp. web’ and hit the search button. After that, a barcode will open on your desktop’s screen. 

Now open WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone and scan the barcode which appeared on your computer screen. These are the simple steps to open Whatsapp web on your desktop. 

how to scan QR code on WhatsApp web?

Let’s check how to scan WhatsApp web QR code for syncing between a mobile application and a subweb application. That’s very simple, follow me I am going to guide you into this.

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone ( Make sure you are in the latest version)
  • Now click on three-dot on the right corner of the app
  • After that click on the WhatsApp web
  • You can see your scanner is open now.
  • Now Scan the barcode from this scanner that you have on your smartphone. 

How to log out of Whatsapp web from your smartphone?

To log out of WhatsApp web from your smartphone follow the steps-

  • At first WhatsApp messenger application on your phone
  • Now click on three dots on the above corner
  • Click on WhatsApp web
  • Now tap on the ‘ Log out from other devices’ option.

Which browser is best for WhatsApp web?

I will recommend you to go with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox because Whatsapp web remains signed in your browser until you login out from your device. 

Can you use Whatsapp web without a QR code?

You can, but for this method, you must have installed an elementor on your PC because From an elementor you can directly download Whatsapp and it’s a direct process. you don’t need any QR code to scan.

Final Thoughts

I hope you now know what is WhatsApp Web? If you like the information, then share it with friends, thanks!

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