How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone?

Hello friends, welcome back with a new article. In this article we are going to talk about how to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone. WhatsApp allows one to install one account on one phone.

This can be a major issue when you are using a dual-sim phone. Anyway if there is some problem there is some solution too. 

We always like to have two WhatsApp accounts on our phone one is for friends and family and one is for businesses or for random people.

Luckily there are some apps available on the play store, which will help you to install two WhatsApp on your device.

Some smartphones have the inbuilt clone options in the settings section. However follow the below steps to know all the possible methods.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on android or iPhone?

How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone

Step-1 Firstly, we will need to open the play store on your smartphone.You can easily find it on the homepage.

Step-2 Now click on the search bar and type parallel space

Step-3 Download the top most app from the list and download then install it on your smartphone

Step-4 Now open the parallel space app and select WhatsApp from the list. You can uncheck other apps if you like because it saves your storage.

Step-5 Enable the toggle and complete all the setup process

Step-6 After that come to your homepage and tap on the second WhatsApp account

Step-7 Login through your phone alternate phone number 

In this way you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone using a parallel space app.

Using WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is used for the business purpose. This can be your second WhatsApp account on your phone to run your business online. WhatsApp allows you to keep two accounts on your smartphone one is for personal use and other is for business. 

Step-1 Go the the play store and type WhatsApp Business on the search bar

Step-2 Download the WhatsApp business app and launch it on your device

Step-3 Open the app and complete the whole setup process

Step-4 Now log in to the app with your alternative number, which you want to keep for your business service

Step-5 Enter the OTP to proceed the next step

Step-6 Enter your business name and attach a DP with a good description

Finally, by following these above steps you can run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. This is the genuine way as WhatsApp allows this process. There is no chance of getting banned from WhatsApp and it is the safest way.

Using WhatsApp GB Application

WhatsApp GB is a mod apk version of original WhatsApp. This is a third party application you can download from any of your browsers. 

Step-1 Head to any browser of your smartphone and type WhatsApp GB on the search bar.

Step-2 Now download the apk file or click here for the latest version

Step-3 Enable the toggle to give ‘permission to third party’ apps and install it on your smartphone

Step-4 Login into WhatsApp GB with your alternate number

Step-5 Verify the OTP and select your name and a good profile picture.

WhatsApp GB is a third party application and it is not the safest one. This app can steal your data so always download by your own responsibilities.

Using App cloner in android 

Through the default App cloner in your phone, you can download two WhatsApp accounts on your android device. Follow the below steps properly to all the installation process

  • First, open settings on your smartphone
  • Scroll down and click on App cloner
  • Now click on the WhatsApp icon
  • Enable the toggle and your clone WhatsApp will be added to your home screen.

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In this article we discussed how to use a WhatsApp account in one phone. We know how important the WhatsApp application is in our life. Through the article you can download the WhatsApp clone on your device very easily. 

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