How To Send Long Videos On WhatsApp?

How To Send Long Videos On WhatsApp

Are you stuck in WhatsApp and can’t send a bigger file than you are in the right place. You can only share a maximum size of 100 MB file. When it is an important video and you can’t send then the situation can be very bad. 

In WhatsApp, it is fine to send small videos because any video under 100 MB won’t be any problem. 

I don’t know why WhatsApp is not updating these options to the users. Whereas Telegram allows you to send up to 1GB size files. We are not blaming WhatsApp anymore because maybe for the security reason they would not allow us to send bigger files. 

How to send long videos on WhatsApp? 

We will discuss some methods so that you can send bigger files in WhatsApp messenger. Follow the below steps properly-

Send long videos on WhatsApp using google drive 

Google Drive is the best option to share long videos on WhatsApp because it is very secure and free to use. It gives you 15 GB of space of cloud storage in one Gmail id.


Create an account on Google Drive using your email id


Now open google drive and select the (+ New) icon and tap on file upload


After that upload the file on your google drive


After uploading the video click on the top right corner of the page


Select the share option and tap on getting shareable link’


Finally, in the last step click on viewer and select the option ‘Anyone with the link’

Get the link by copying it and share it with your chats. In this way you can send long videos on WhatsApp using google drive.

Send long videos on WhatsApp using wondershare uni converter


Firstly, you need to download wondershare uni converter on your pc from here. This is a very trusted application and you can easily install it on your mac or windows.


After installing the application on your pc click on the plus icon or drag the video from files. 


Select the video from gallery your gallery or videos


Now you have select the video format and choose the correct device


Now compress your video size and transfer it to your smartphone using a USB cable if you are using android and if you are using an iPhone then connect via lightning cable.

Basically, this application reduced your video file size without losing the quality. 

Send long videos using WhatsApp GB Mod apk

WhatsApp GB is a mod apk version of the original WhatsApp. It looks similar to the original WhatsApp messenger but it is a third-party application. WhatsApp GB is not available on the Play store; you can download it from any of your browsers. There is no limit to sharing big video files. 

PS: Third-party applications may harm your device so use it at your own risk.

Send WhatsApp long videos using We Transfer

We transfer is the best tool available in the market. It is quite easy to use and does not compress the video quality. It gives you 2GB of free space and Up to 20GB of space for the paid users. Follow the below steps to use We transfer in the best way-

  • Open any browser on your smartphone and search We transfer or click here
  • Sign up in the We transfer and log in using your email id and password
  • Upload the video and click on the get link
  • Share the link to your WhatsApp chats.

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In this article, we share the information, how to send long videos on WhatsApp. We covered all the possible methods for you. We recommended you to use google drive because it gives you 15GB of cloud storage in every email id. You can add more email id and can get more storage. THANK YOU

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