How to get a WhatsApp group link without an admin?

How to get a WhatsApp group link without an admin

Now, this is a very interesting query of WhatsApp. Sometimes the admin of the group is not available and that time the situation gets frustrating. 

To solve this query we came up with this article How to get WhatsApp group link without an admin.

Make admin to someone else in the same group: Only an admin of the group can make admin someone. So you can be a temporary admin of the group as the main admin is not available. 

Without an admin, no one can get a WhatsApp group link. 

These are some steps you can follow-

  • Go to Whatsapp and open it on your smartphone
  • Now go to your group
  • Click on the three dots on the above corner
  • Click on Group info
  • Now slide down a bit and click on the ‘Invite via link’ option
  • After that, you can invite someone to your group.

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