How To Download WhatsApp Status?

How To Download WhatsApp Status

Hey guys, welcome back with a new article. If you are using WhatsApp then you know that you can put status in the WhatsApp status section. A WhatsApp status can be a song, video, life update or it can be some achievement that you want to share with your WhatsApp contacts. Today in this article we are going to share how to download WhatsApp status on your smartphone.

There are some apps available on the internet that provide WhatsApp status videos or images. You can install those apps on your smartphone to make your life easy. These apps are available on the play store and apple store.

How to download WhatsApp status from YouTube?

In youtube lots of creators upload WhatsApp status, you can download status from those channels. Follow the below steps to download WhatsApp status from youtube

  • Open youtube and choose a status you want to download
  • Now play the status video on youtube and copy the URL of the status
  • Next, open any browser on your smartphone and type ‘Youtube video downloader’ on the search bar. 
  • Now download the status video by pasting the youtube copied URL, After that your selected status video will be download in your file manager
  • Now go to WhatsApp and upload the status in your WhatsApp status section.

How to download your friend’s WhatsApp status video on WhatsApp?

Sometimes you have seen your friend’s WhatsApp status and want to download the status then you can use this method we will describe below. 

  •  At first, go to play store
  • Type Status Saver on the google play search bar
  • Now install the application, make sure you have downloaded the app which has 50 million downloads
  • Open the app and complete all the login process
  • Allow photos, videos, and storage permission 
  • Now you can see all the photos and videos which you have in WhatsApp status. You can download those statuses if you like them.

How to download WhatsApp status from MX Player?

Mx Player is a very popular Indian OTT Platform. MX Player is famous for thriller web series. From this OTT platform, you can also download your friend’s WhatsApp status. Follow the below steps correctly.

  • Go to play store and search MX Player on the google play search bar
  • Click on the top suggestion and download the application
  • Now Install the application on your smartphone
  • Open the application grant all the settings to start the next process
  • After that open the application and click on three dots
  • Now click on the WhatsApp status saver option
  • In the next page, you can see all the status videos which you have seen on your WhatsApp status section earlier. 

The only demerit is that MX Player does not have the option to save WhatsApp status photos. 

How to download WhatsApp status from file manager?

You can download WhatsApp status from the file manager, without downloading any other application.


Open google files on your smartphone if you don’t have google files download it from the play store if you are using an android device and go to the apple store if you are an iPhone user.


  • Now go to google files and open the app. After opening the app click on the Browse option at the bottom. 
  • After that click on three dots on the top left corner.
  • Open the settings option and enable the option ‘Show hidden files


  • Now in the final step, browse the WhatsApp file
  • Tap on WhatsApp and open media
  • Click on media 
  • Now you can see a file .statuses folder in the media
  • And hurrah! You can see all the status photos and videos

Please use this method under 24 hours, because in WhatsApp a status lasts for 24 hours.

How to download WhatsApp status on iphone?

The above tricks will not work on an iPhone. Like an android device, you canโ€™t download a WhatsApp status. But don’t worry we have some tricks for you also. Read the below article properly.

  • Firstly, you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp from your smartphone
  • Now, you need to download WhatsApp++ from any browser. This application is not available on the apple store as it is a third-party application.
  •  Now sign up to a new build store account and register it with your iPhone. Build a store is a subscription-based software all you need is to pay $9.99 per year for a single device.
  • After Installing WhatsApp++ on your iPhone log into that using your phone number
  • Now go to the status section and play the status videos or photos
  • You can download status videos and photos in this way.


Is it safe to download WhatsApp saver applications on your smartphone?

Ans: We don’t recommend you to download such a third-party application.

How to download WhatsApp status by installing without any app?

Ans: You can use file manager to download WhatsApp status, You all need to allow show hidden files settings on file manager and open .statuses folder from WhatsApp>Media.

Is there any free idea to download WhatsApp status on iPhone?

Ans: No, there is no such third-party application. You need to download Build store, which is a paid software. 

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Downloading a WhatsApp status video is always very demanded. I don’t know why WhatsApp is not putting this feature in their app. For android, this is very easy but in an iphone, the process is very tough. But we don’t recommend you to download such a third-party application to your device because they can steal your personal data. 

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