How To Create A Public Link For Your WhatsApp Group?

In 2021 Social media is on high growth. We can’t imagine our life without Whatsapp on today’s date. Are you tired of searching how to create a public link for WhatsApp then this is the right article you are searching for?

I saw this question and just knew I had to answer it because many WhatsApp users are struggling with this.

Today WhatsApp has a total of 5 billion downloads and imagine there are 7.2 billion people living on this earth.

Everyone is using WhatsApp now from child to old. In the covid situation, we had seen that students are using WhatsApp groups for Online Classes.

WhatsApp group feature is very cool and it’s free to use.

How to create a public link for your WhatsApp group – Now coming to the main topic of this question.

Creating a public link for the WhatsApp group is quite simple, However, there are some criteria to consider.

Criteria before create a public link for the WhatsApp group

  • You should have an Installed on your mobile or pc
  • You should have an internet connection
  • Make sure you update the latest version of WhatsApp.

Steps to create a public link for the WhatsApp group


Open Whatsapp on your smartphone or laptop. Now click on the message symbol on the downside left corner of the app.


Click on the ‘New Group’ option and select some members of your new group. Note: WhatsApp only allows 257 people in a particular group.


Once you have done with the above methods now enter a group name on the ‘Enter your group name’ section. You can use emojis too for better style and look.


After entering the group name select a DP and click on ‘✅’ tick


After creating your group successfully open your group and click on the name of the group


You can find your group description, here click on the ‘ Invite via link’ option. Now there are four types of sharing options.

Copy link- Click on the copy link and the link will be copied. Now share the link wherever you want.

Share link– Via share link, there are multiple options for sharing whether that is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, message, etc

QR Code– In the latest version you can share the link through QR code too.
Reset link: In Case you want to stop the link and decide to stop people from using your link to join the group.

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Final Thoughts

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