How To Add Members in WhatsApp Groups?

How To Add Members in WhatsApp Groups

Hey there, today we are going to share how you can add members in WhatsApp groups. 

You must need to add members to a group otherwise the group becomes meaningless. 

WhatsApp allows you to add up to 256 members in a single group. You can add someone in a group directly from your contacts. 

There are some simple steps to add members in WhatsApp groups, let’s check out the methods given below

How to add members in WhatsApp groups from your contacts?

It is very easy to add members in WhatsApp groups from your contacts

  • At first open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Now go to the group, where you want to add someone
  • Next click on the name of the group
  • The group description will open
  • Now click on Add participants
  • After that select the contacts you want to add to this group
  • Finally, click on the tick mark.

How to add someone in the group who recently left?

If someone left the group and you want to rejoin him/her to the group then follow the below steps

  • Go to WhatsApp app on open it on your smartphone
  • No, go to your group 
  • Add him again from contacts or send the group invite link

In this way, you can add someone again to the same group.

How to add multiple contacts in the WhatsApp group at once?

 As we said earlier you can add up to 256 contacts in a group. 

  • Save all the phone number to your contacts
  • Now open WhatsApp and got to the group
  • Click on add participants
  • Selects the multiple contacts you want to add them
  • Click on the tick button.

How to add multiple contacts in the WhatsApp group from Excel?

Yes, you can add and import multiple contacts in the WhatsApp group directly from Excel using Whatsapp Webpro( This website looks exactly the same as 


  • Go to your browser and type on the search bar
  • Browse the site and install it on your pc
  • Log in to the application
  • Open the application and scan the barcode 


  • Open the group and click on the group info setting 
  • In the group info box an option Import from the file will available (You must be an admin of the group to make this option accessible)
  • Now You can import contacts from a VCF, XLSX, CSV type file.

(Make sure Imported contacts must not have been exists on your contact list)

Step -3

Now click on the Choose button and select the file from your pc. In the next step click on the Analyze Data option to proceed to the next step. 

 Click on Prepare option and Wait sometimes the system will automatically prepare your data.


Now comes the final step is the Import of your data. Click on the Import button. 

At last click on the green button to complete all process and this is the last step… Cheers !!

How to add someone in a WhatsApp group without adding them to your phone contact?

  • To start this process you have to ensure that you are the admin of the group.
  • Now go to the chats tab and open the group
  • After that click on the three dots on the above right corner
  • Click on group info, then the group description will open
  • Now click on ‘Invite via the link’ .
  • After finishing these steps click on the ‘Share’ button on the next page
  • Now you can share the link on different platforms.

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